The BEST way to clean Jordan 1s: tips and tricks

Way no. 1 to make your Jordan 1s look great.

Learn how to clean your iconic Jordan 1s the right way with the RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit.

Follow us for some great tips and tricks from our shoe care experts!

Tools of the trade

The only product you need to make your Air Jordan 1 look great is the RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit. This complete cleaning kit contains our 3 premium shoe care brushes, a natural sneaker cleaning solution, shoe trees and a handy microfiber towel.

4 useful tips

Any Jordan, any colorway; these 5 tips are the basic rules for any good cleaning project.

  • Use less, save more. There solution for cleaning sneakers it is ultra concentrated. Two sprays of solution are all you need to clean your Jordan 1, without wasting any more liquid.

  • Soft, Medium, Firm. The premium brushes for shoe care they provide a sequential cleaning process. Use Soft on the upper, Medium on the midsole and Stiff on the outsole. you can find these brushes in the essential kit .

  • Dry your shoes. After each step of the cleaning process it is important to dry the sneaker with the microfibre towel . This will prevent the delicate leather from losing color.

  • Save the laces. It can be tempting to throw away dirty laces in favor of a new pair...DON'T. The brass brush and8oz will have your laces looking like new in no time.

The results

Why should you clean your Jordans with anything else? The results don't lie: RESHOEVN8R is up to the challenge.

Take your Jordans from BEATERS to HEATER with RESHOEVN8R.

Frequent questions

Shoebuya is the only Italian seller authorized to sell the Reshoevn8r brand, you can find all the products for the care of your sneakers on our website

Of course, if you don't have time to clean your shoes, we offer a cleaning service.

Our specialists are eager and ready to take care of your sneakers so as to give them a new look!

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Reviews on Reshoevn8r


The Michael Jordan of shoe washers
The best shoe cleaning product around. I have been cleaning shoes for a long time and it is the best ever.

James A.

I will never use another sneaker cleaner. I've tried others in the past but always noticed they contained more water than anything else. I can clean anything, by far the best cleaner on the market

Marco B.

Shoes like new!!
I loved this cleaning kit, I was skeptical before using it because it was the first time. I thought maybe the dirt would stay there, but I was wrong. After using this product, my shoes looked like new!

Emre A.