How to clean J4 Military Black

The best method to clean Air Jordan 4 Military Black

You asked for it and we wrote it!

The Military Black Air Jordan 4 is one of the best releases of 2022. We received countless comments, DMs and tweets all asking us the same thing... "What is the best way to clean J4 Military Black?"

Our shoe care experts have come up with a foolproof method for cleaning your Military Black. Let's find out now !

Here's what you need:

The Essential Kit or The Original Kit

Our flagship cleaning kits are equipped to handle even the dirtiest Air Jordans. The brushes should have no problem cleaning the Military Blacks.

Cleaning Solutions

The engine for the Laundry System. Clean your J4 thoroughly with this magical liquid!

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Dry Suede Kit

Cleaning suede can be scary, not anymore! Erase stains from any suede with the Dry Suede Kit.

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Brass Brush

Dirty suede is the worst. Do you know what the best product is? The brass brush. Eliminates encrusted suede in just a few steps. Keep your suede soft with this must-have brush.

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How to get started:

Remove the laces and insert the adjustable shoe tree . This will allow you to properly clean the toe and prevent it from getting creased during the cleaning process.

Using the soft brush , dry brush the entire shoe to remove dirt and debris. This will make the cleaning process less messy when we introduce the solution in the equation.

And now?

Use a few drops ofcleaning solution by placing it in a basin of warm water or use our product to contain the water.

We advise you to use the giant cleaning cloth , so as to absorb every single drop that falls from your shoe during the cleaning process, and to keep everything tidy and dry.

Use the soft brush to clean the entire upper part of the shoes, including the insole, tongue and inside. This brush will create a lot of foam, so have your microfiber towel ready to use.

Now use the medium bristle brush to scrub the midsole. Pay close attention to deeper stains that may not have come out clean with the soft brush.

Finally scrub the sole with the hard bristle brush . ( This brush should not be used on any other part of the shoes).

We also remind you that you can only find these 3 types of brushes in our essential kit the washing machine?

Yes, the Military Black Jordan 4 is safe to put in the washing machine. Be sure to use ours laundry bag And pods for sneakers for best results.

Dry suede arsenal

Our range of suede-specific products is wider than you probably realise. We used both the Dry Suede Kit that the Brass Brush on the Military Black 4s to bring their suede back to life.

From today we have also added Mink Oil to our catalogue, a specific product for the care of suede.

Buttery suede is the only acceptable result. After erasing the stains with the Dry Suede kit. Gently brush the suede back and forth with the brass bristle brush until soft.

Where can I buy these shoes?

In our shop in Brescia or on our website you can buy them now and secure your pair!

Frequent questions

Shoebuya is the only Italian seller authorized to sell the Reshoevn8r brand, you can find all the products for the care of your sneakers on our website

Of course, if you don't have time to clean your shoes, we offer a cleaning service.

Our specialists are eager and ready to take care of your sneakers so as to give them a new look!

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The Michael Jordan of shoe washers
The best shoe cleaning product around. I have been cleaning shoes for a long time and it is the best ever.

James A.

I will never use another sneaker cleaner. I've tried others in the past but always noticed they contained more water than anything else. I can clean anything, by far the best cleaner on the market

Marco B.

Shoes like new!!
I loved this cleaning kit, I was skeptical before using it because it was the first time. I thought maybe the dirt would stay there, but I was wrong. After using this product, my shoes looked like new!

Emre A.